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When: Demo Classes Monday and Friday – 4.30 PM
: from 5 years old and above

About Us

We would like to offer an innovative education platform that developed as most advanced combination of coding, robotics, circuitry and 3D-design

3D – STREAM! If we talk about yesterday we can talk about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). If we want to talk about tomorrow we have to add R – Robotics and A – art! Why? Because there is no future without R – robots, artificial intellect, internet of things… Our kids have to learn how to be successful in this world. And also our kids need to develop Creative Thinking, not just logical… so Art is really important and necessary!

Welcome to 3D-STREAM Tomorrowland!
3D – prototyping | Technology | Robotics | Engineering | Art | Math

The program also strongly contributes to core curriculum mastering in counting, reading, understanding the world around us, basic science and so on.

+Equipment is produced in Finland (
+Programming language (ROBBOScratch) developed based on famous Schratch and amended in collaboration with MIT (USA)
+The program is being adopted into curriculums across Finland (#1 education system globally according to numerous ratings) – more than 55 general educational schools.

Our mission is to make our children ready for the changes brought about by the fourth industrial revolution.

This unique and absolutely new for Vietnam educational program is helping kids to get essential skills and knowledge highly demanded today and extremely demanded tomorrow.

Watch out this final project example in Robotics and Coding (1st year of study, 5 y.o.) here.