ICCD Summer Camp


Date: from June 17th – July 26th
Time: 8.30am to 3pm


This is a day camp to improve children’s behavior, academic ability, and social skills for a successful academic social life! We work on communication skills, group work, problem solving, sportsmanship and emotional regulation to name just a few- all in the context of a fun summer camp!

The course is run by :
+ABA therapist
+Speech and Language Therapist
+Child Psychologist

Who can join?

Children who are currently having some behavioral, social, academic issues at school or would simple like to improve their social skills!

Summer Camp program

Academic & Sports Skills
There is a significant focus on project work as well as independent work in our program to help children practice those group and self- regulation skills! Fun outdoor sports like soccer, kick-ball, tee-ball and others will be practiced to promote outdoor sportsmanship, teamwork, gross motor & sport skills.

Social Play
This is the ability to play with others. We work on two main types of play: associative play ( playing & sharing) and cooperative play ( working together to achieve a common goal). We focus on developing language to support these skills such as asking to join a group, negotiating and conflict resolution.

Self Regulation & Emotions
We practice how to recognize emotions in yourself and others, and how to deal with these emotions appropriately. Of course we also aim to reduce challenging behaviors that coincide with issues in dealing with our emotions! We focus on social problem solving and perspective taking to help children better deal with their social environment!

Group Skills
This is an essential set of skills for success at school, as inquiry- driven learning is becoming the norm in the summer program, we target:
+Listening and responding
+Stay on –task
+Conversational turn taking
+Encouraging others
+Working as part of a team

*Download brochure here.


Contact us for more information and enrollment.
Early birds get a 10% discount if payment received before 10th June, 2019.