PAA Winter Camp

PAA Music Camp


Date: from Dec.16th –  Jan.3rd
Time: from 9am to 12pm
Age: 4 – 7yrs

Fee: $130/week (early bird)


Music camp is a great way to introduce children to an instrument and to inspire them into developing a musical talent they might not know they have. Music camp is also a fun, unique way to introduce children to a lifelong love of music.

Winter Camp Program

Children will learn musical skills, singing and creative movement, discover tempo, dynamics, and pitch with a variety of musical instruments. They will learn to identify orchestra instruments, and get hands on experience with drums, piano, guitar and recorder, becoming familiar with these games and activities, taught by our staff of professional musicians.


Discount Plan,
+ 5% for group 2
+ 10% for group 3
+ 20% for group4

Please contact PAA – The Performing Arts Academy of HCMC to register your child a place.