Grado Christmas Art Camp

Grado Christmas Art Camp

Grado Christmas Art Camp Ho Chi Minh 2019


Date: from Dec.16th –  Jan.3rd
Time: flexible from 9am to 12pm | Book single days, weeks or non consecutive days | Kids can come 1h30m, 2h or 3h within this time.
Age: from 4 yrs

Day    | 1.30h 480,000VND    |  2h 585,000VND     |  3h 735,000VND
Week | 1.30h 2,150,000VND |  2h 2,630,000VND  |  3h 3,300,000VND
*10% Discount former students.


Our Art camps focus on Painting and Drawing including also Craft projects where students can develop skills and boost their creativity. Our Camps are a great opportunity for an immersion experience in Painting and Drawing.

Winter Camp program

Each morning students paint and draw on a specific theme and technique according to the age of the kid and his/her interests. We offer one-to-one instruction.

We have a flexible system that adapts to every kid case by case.

Students understand and explore:
+PAINTING techniques
such as: Color Theory, Value Structure, Brushwork, Color Mixing.

+DRAWING techniques
such as: Line, Negative Shapes, Angles, Values, Stages of a Drawing, quality of line, Composition.


Students may register for a single day/week or any combination of multiple weeks/days.

Discount Plan,
+10% Former/Current Students

Please contact Grado Art Studio to register your child a place.