SMIK Summer Camp


Date: from June 24th – Aug 2nd
Time: 9am to 3.30pm
Age: 12 mo to 6 yrs

About Us

Explore – Engage – Experience
At Saigon Montessori, we aim to provide a creative environment, which is both stimulating and challenging.

Summer Camp program

Week 1 | What’s beyond the moon? (space/astronomy)
Get ready for an amazing exploration of space. Campers embark on an imaginative journey to the moon and back. As they learn more about our solar system through dramatic play, art , stories and more.

Week 2 | Amazing race (travel/geography)
Pack your bags, grab your passport, and let’s explore! Travel around the globe this week as we discover new arts and crafts, games and more from all over the world.

Week 3 | Mysterious mixture (food/cooking)
Campers practice a variety of kitchen skills while creating delicious dishes. Along with habits of self-help and good nutrition, they learn important academic, social and physical skills.

Week 4 | Olympics (sport)
Ready? Set…Go! Campers will use their skills to play hard, to create masterpieces and to go for the gold with some fun competition.

Week 5 | Ranger camp (nature/camping)
Campers will become nature detectives and solves a nature mystery each day and meet nature challenges at the same time. Let the kids photograph their adventures.

Week 6 | Make a splash (water)
Get ready to make a splash this wet and wild week of camp! Campers will enjoy various water activities such as water bucket relays, water balloons, water balloon toss, water tag and more!

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You can sign up for the entire each week of camp, or sign up for as few or as many weeks as you would like.
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