Happy Nose & Aromatherapy


Date: from 1st – 5th July or from 8th – 12th July (5 days workshop)
Time: 8.30 to 11.30am
Age: 6 to 11 yrs

Workshop Investment:
Early bird/member price: 4.000.000 VND (before 14th June)
Door/non-member price: 4.800.000 VND


A Brand New Experience for your Kids – Scent Summer Workshop for Kids (Age 6-11)

Not only color, sound, or texture, but kids also explore the world by developing their sense of smell. From an early age, children have their innate ability to smell and sharply identify different kinds of scents. In this program, Rei Nguyen focuses on unlocking the sense of smell of children. By engaging and awakening the sense of smell, we can also foster our children’s ability to feel and understand the world.
This 5-day summer program provides a chance for your kids to explore their sense of smell by different scent activities. The workshop combines theories and practices in a fun and interactive way for your kids to discover the world of scents and play with their imagination.

Workshop program

Day 1
+ Scent & Colors: the relationship between scents and colors, sense of seeing and sense of smelling. Children will play with scents through interactive drawing and smelling activities.
+ The citrus scents: learning about the citrus scents in plants and in essential oils
+ Craft: Create your original massage Oil

Day 2
+ Scent & Music: From the ear to the nose. From music to scent. Children learn to feel the smells through music.
+ The herbal scents: learning about the herbs and their smells in essential oils
+ Craft: Create your original potpourri

Day 3
+ Scent & Taste: Tasting, and smelling the world at the same time. Children discover the relationship between fragrance and flavor.
+ The floral scents: learning about flowers and their scents in essential oils.
+ Craft: Create your natural toothpaste

Day 4
+ Scent & Texture: Touching and smelling. Hands on experience with scents.
+ The woody scents: learning the tree woods and their scents in essential oils.
+ Craft: Create your natural mouthwash water

Day 5
+ Expand the scent palettes: Scent games with smelling and scent palettes expanding activities
+ The spicy scents: learning about spices and their scents in essential oils.
+ Craft: Create your natural air-freshener

What makes this program special

+ The first Scent Workshops for kids in Vietnam
+ Exclusively designed by Rei Nguyen – an internationally trained fragrance artist
+ Fun & Creative: Awaken kids’ olfactory (smell) sense and let them discover the world through scents
+ Natural ingredients: all the scent ingredients are of therapeutic grades, non-chemicals
+ Playfull interaction with nature (fruits, spices, wood, etc.)
+ Take home aroma products: Your kids are instructed to craft easy aroma applications and take home their products

About the trainer

Rei Nguyen is a Vietnamese Perfume Artist. Apart from her love for scents, Rei is also passionate in sharing the fragrance knowledge to the community through her fragrance workshops across Japan and Vietnam.
– Study Perfume Design and Aromatherapy in Japan (2018-2019)
– Delegate of Vietnam to join JENESYS 2016 (JENESYS is a program sponsored by the Japanese Government) – theme Trade and Investment
– Delegate of Vietnam to exhibit scent products in Japan – Vietnam Festival in Tohoku, Japan 2017
– Founder & CEO of Amaii Aroma, a green scent brand in Vietnam (http://amaii-ya.com)
– Host of scent workshops, seminars, exhibitions across Japan and Vietnam
– Perfume writer at reinguyen.com


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