Date: from June 17th – July 19th (5 weeks)
Time: 8.30am to 3pm
Age: 5 to 13 yrs

(any) 2 weeks = 14,100,000 vnd
(any) 3 weeks = 21,000,000 vnd
(any) 4 weeks = 27,700,000 vnd
(full programme) 5 weeks = 33,500,000 vnd

*Included in fees: lunch & snacks, all resources and Eco Book.


Our five-week (25 day) Summer Camp is divided into weekly themes. Each theme stands alone as a unique project-based learning experience. Students will interact with the weekly theme through a fun mix of sports, team-building, activities, cooking classes, weekly projects and life-skills.

The goal of each weekly theme is to expose students to unique learning opportunities linked to Eco problems and solutions. These individual learning experiences will help guide students on their larger journey as lifelong learners.

Age Guidelines

Our camp is open to students from all schools from 5 to 13 years old. Although the summer camp program follows the same weekly themes for all ages, the content varies greatly as it is designed for specific age-appropriate delivery. Children are grouped in age categories.

Summer Camp program

+Week 1: We are water
What is water? / How does water connect to life? / What effect are humans having on water…?/ What and who pollutes our water?
These questions and more will be addressed as part of our inquiry into our worlds’ water. Children will explore ways to improve our relationship with the planets’ water sources and look for innovative solutions to existing problems to improve water quality, to improve life for all creatures.

+Week 2: Air we breathe
How can we test air quality? / What and who pollutes our air? / How can we clean air?
Children investigate what air quality is all about and how it relates to the wellbeing of living creatures. What can we do to solve problems in relation to air pollution; what innovations can we create to tackle these issues? Air is our life!

+Week 3: Why plastic?
Why do we use plastics?/ How and where do we use plastic? / What effect is plastic having on our environment, our life and the life of all living creatures? /  Is there another way…?
A week focusing on ‘solutions’ through creativity and innovation to find sustainable alternatives. By looking at initiatives from examples set by Inspire Educamps Eco partners, children can ‘invent’ better ways of thinking and doing when it comes to plastic use in our everyday lives. Time for change!

+Week 4: Plant Life
How is our food grown? / What is organic? / What do we know about plants? / Which plants can we eat and use as medicine? / What do plants need to grow? / How can we grow vegetables and fruits?
Children will learn about all types of plants and their use for food and medicine. They will learn how to grow many different types of vegetables and fruits from seeds.
The objective of this week is to connect children with the natural living world of plant life as we look at how things connect in nature for plants to grow. We look at ways to make healthy choices about the type of fruits and vegetables we choose to eat!

+Week 5: Living Planet
What lives on land? / What lives in the oceans? / How do our actions affect living creatures? / What can we do to help create a better world for all living creatures?
This week is all about living things, on land and in our oceans. We investigate the different forms of life and look at how the way humans live affects different creatures! Can we change the way we do things to create a better environment for all living creatures? How can we do this…? Through creative thinking and the synergy of collaborating young minds, children will discover solutions and share them with others to create positive change!

All students will contribute to an Eco-Solutions picture book which will be published by Amazon. Each student will receive a copy of the eBook with their name listed inside as an author!

On the final day of summer camp, students will be hosting a performance for families based on their learning activities throughout the summer.
Invitation to: All families & friends
Date: Friday 19th July
Time: 2pm
Location: ISHCMC Secondary Campus Theatre


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