Aurora Summer Camp

Summertime Sojourn


Date: from July 1st – Aug 16th
Time: half day | full day
Age: 18mo to 9 yrs

Half Day 5,250,000vnd per week
Full Day 5,950,000vnd per week


In celebration of the magnificence of summertime, Aurora introduces “Summertime Sojourn” over our 7 weeks of Summer Camp 2019. During each week of Summer, Aurora will unfold an array of Ateliers acutely attuned to the most significant elements that reflect the magnitude of that it means to be enveloped in the sights, sounds, senses and aromas of Summer

Summer Camp program

Chapter 1 | Summertime symphony
Introduction to the concept of Summertime, the emotions and feels it evokes. Creating new and valued relationships with Aurora’s children, families and education with our natural environment.

Chapter 2 | Atelier of Nature
Exploring the magnitude of changing seasons to rest in the languid comfort of Summer. What is Summer, how is it celebrated in our cultures, what changes does the environment and we go through during this special time of the year? Immersing ourselves in the natural world, exploring the elements of nature that relate to Summerand.

Chapter 3 | Atelier of Sound
Exploring the significance of the sounds of summer. Sound is a form of energy, which trans- locates through matter. This matter includes air, water and solid matter. As a form of communication, sound is the only main form of communication for animals while it is the key for human beings to communicate with spoken languages and body languages. If sound is a form of energy that trans-locates through matter, what then are the sounds of summer and how can they be communicated?

Chapter 4 | Atelier of Materials
Exploring the properties of natural and made materials as a way of exploring interpretations of summertime. Imagine a place where children’s natural sense of wonder can ignite at the centre of their fun and learning, and help to inform the direction each day will take. Whether searching for bugs and using a wild array of materials to great giants, observing wildlife and recreating these experiences with recycled materials, befriending a tree and creating one’s own interpretations through visual, dramatic or digital arts, or creating and playing invented games, children will have the chance to discover connections with the joys of Summertime through many mediums.

Chapter 5 | Atelier of Water
What is the allure of water and what is its universal connection to us and the joys of summertime? Water is a very utilitarian substance, yet, it is also an aesthetic influence and even spiritual symbol that reaches deep into our soul. It is also a sensual force that acts on us both physically and emotionally.

Chapter 6 | Atelier Digital and illumination
Where we blend a fusion of art, light and technology for children to explore, create and experiment with digital art and lighting effects to recreate interpretations that connect us with summertime.

Chapter 7 | Summer Sunsets
This week we reflect on the rich heritage of beautiful memories we have accumulated over the last 6 weeks. Taking inspiration from the poem Rich Heritage of Beautiful Memories by L. M. Montgomery, we will work toward a collaborative finale of celebrating the beautiful memories we have collected through performances, installations and celebration.

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