European Int. School


Curriculum:International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum
Language of Instruction: English
Ages: from 2 to 18 years old

About Us

As one of only 2 IB continuum schools in HCMC, we embrace the philosophies and learner profiles of the IB Organisation, beginning from age 2. We offer an enquiry-based approach where students learn to become confident and capable global citizens.


Number of students: 500+
Number of nationalities represented in the school: 40+
Most common nationality: European nations are broadly represented
Ratio of local students to international students: 30% Host country, 70% International

The Classroom

Max. number of students per class: 22
Average number of students per class: 16
Does the school employ teaching assistants? Yes
Native English speaking teachers: Yes
Language support for students not fluent in English: Yes
Additional language classes offered by the school: German, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese
Use of technology in the classroom: One-to-one Laptop program in Grades 3-12, digital projectors/interactive whiteboards, digital textbooks and newly appointed ICT technology integration coordinator.
Do teachers assign homework to their students? Yes
Approximate hours of homework given: Varies according to the grade, the subject, the teacher, and the individual learner.

School Policies

Uniform required: Yes
Waiting list: Yes
Entry evaluation for students: YES. Assessment tests for language abilities and placements
Brief description of entry evaluation required: English level test for Primary, and additional Cognitive Ability Test for Secondary. All applicants required to have an interview with head of sections.
Students can join after academic year begins: We try to offer a rolling enrolment, however this cannot always be accommodated.
Percentage of students who pursue further education post-graduation: 100%
External examinations or assessments available: International School Assessment tests (ISA) have been used historically and we are moving to the UK benchmarking (GL testing). MYP E-Assessment conducted in Grade10, and IBDP final exam.
Results in these examinations: Well above the world average
Do students practice religion at the school? What religion? No one religion is recognized. We are a non-denominational School with acceptance of all religions and cultures.
School bus service available: Yes

Student Support

Dedicated staff/programs for students with special learning needs: Yes, we have a support team in place.
Learning support offered: Learning Support Coordinator, Social and Emotional Needs Counsellor, Student Wellbeing Coordinator.
The school supports gifted, able and talented students: Individualized Learning Plans are being implemented across all grades to identify students needing additional assistance and/or additional challenges.
Student access to education psychologist: Yes, our Social and Emotional Needs Counsellor is a trained professional.

Extracurricular Activities

School start time: 7:45 A.M.
School finish time: 3:00 P.M.
Supervised care before/after school: Yes
Extracurricular activities or clubs offered: Sports, Languages, Creative activities, Social activities, Hobby Clubs, etc.
School provided lunches: Yes
Food alternatives for special dietary needs (ie. vegan, kosher, halal etc): Yes
Sports activities included: A full range of physical activities is provided for students at all age groups, including: swimming, volleyball, soccer, basketball and badminton.
Sports facilities at the school: Artificial turf sports fields for soccer, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton court, tennis courts, 25-meter swimming pool.
Sports teams or sport competitions available for students: Yes