Vinh City

About Us

Our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower society and individuals to engage in the science-based conservation of threatened species and ecosystems.

WildAct is a conservation charity and non-governmental organisation based in Vietnam. Our works dedicated to raise Vietnamese people awareness on conservation issue by providing information and education program for Vietnamese children.


Be Our Volunteer
If you are young Vietnamese and have a great passion for wildlife. Please contact us and let us know what is your strength! Work with us, become our volunteer. We believe that “Act together, we can save the Wild“. You can also complete an expression of interest form and send to volunteer@wildact-vn.org.

You can help us by donating: 100% of donations will be used for our wildlife education projects across Vietnam. Your donation also allows us to connect people and create partnerships around the world.

Join our Wildlife Mobile Exhibition
You can support our efforts by hosting our wildlife mobile exhibition at your place (such as schools, offices or events).

Share the message
Tell your friends. Let them know that every 15 minutes, 1 elephant get killed for their ivory. Everyday, 3 rhinos get killed for their horn. Let them know that selling, buying and using products from wildlife, such as ivory, rhino horn, tiger products…are directly involved in wildlife crime. Buying and using wildlife products mean they are helping international criminal gang to fund their activities.

Join our “Station for Life” movement
Signed up with us to become one of our many “Station for Life” – providing free drinking water to citizens; or buy a Bottle for Life and use its QR code to scan for direction to a “Station for Life” near you.
Help us to reduce single used plastic bottles in Vietnam.
For more information, please click here

Join our digital march for wildlife
If you love wild animal and want to protect them. Join our digital march by making your own poster with a clear message why do you want to protect them. Your poster could be for a specific animal (rhino/elephant/tiger/pangolin etc) or could be wildlife in general.
Take a picture of yourself with your poster and send it to info@wildact-vn.org or tweet to @WildAct_vn