Yoga Joy Saigon

Kids Yoga


Age: from 4 years old and up

Class Hours: Wednesdays from 3.30 to 4.30pm

Course Description

In this class, students learn a sequence of yoga poses which specifically promote children’s balance, concentration, flexibility and strength. Yoga Joy Saigon kid’s classes engage students in individual, partner and group yoga games with fun props including: balls, puppets, parachutes, ribbons, bubbles, blocks, books and more.

This class builds self-confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness through playful movement. Developmentally appropriate skills in Numeracy (numbers, patterning, counting, shapes) and Literacy (oral language, listening) are explored through our engaging thematic lessons as well.

About Us

We are a boutique studio located in Phu My Hung that offers variety of yoga and wellness classes and programs for all ages. We aim to foster a mindful community and we are dedicated to providing programs that cultivate a positive transformation in mind body and spirit.