The Cancer Voice

No one fights alone.

About Us

The Cancer Voice is a community-based group in Vietnam that specifically assists cancer patients as well as supporting their families so they do not feel alone in the fight against cancer every day. We are happy to be around when they need us the most.

Who are we? We can be anyone, from people affected by the disease to volunteers, business people or mothers. Together we make The Cancer Voice be heard.

It is said that this is a battle between what science knows, love can do, and what time cannot tell. We are eagerly awaiting the hope and trust of children with cancer as a fellow traveler along the way.

Through meaningful activities such as spiritual gifts, we are eager to energize the children and raise awareness of the disease they acquired at a very young age. At the same time, we earnestly call on individuals, collectively to bring their faith to the children. Because when we do this alone, we also do things very little, together we can create many things.


We need your voice.
More people need to know the truth about these children who suffer from cancer. The only way they will know is IF you tell them.

We need you to share our info with every person you know.
We’re talking about everyone, to get the word out.