LG Fine Arts

Kids deserve the right to think that they can change the world.


Weekday classes starting 4pm
Weekend classes from 8am to 6pm
: from 4 years old and up

Course Description

Students will learn,
+How to turn found items into creatures
+How to make an origami habitat
+How to tell stories using shadow theatre
+How to turn ordinary crayons into a 3d painting
+How to make sculpture out of sellotape
+How to transform their faces using only body paint

The classes will also include experiments in colour, printing, jewelry-making, and new ways of using paper and paint, and will conclude with a fantastic art show!Every Child is an Artist is a class that recognizes the practice and enjoyment of art as a way of teaching children how to observe and describe, analyse, interpret, and express feelings, with or without words.

About Us

Little Genius is your child’s all-in-one development center with a wide range of courses divided in 3 different groups : Creative- Intelligence development, Physical development and Social development. We focus on inspiring and developing healthy thinking patterns in the youth of Vietnam.